Furthering the understanding of demographic and economic
change in Canada's provinces and sub-provincial regions.


Ernie Stokes - Managing Partner at C4SE and President at Stokes Economic Consulting INC

SECINC was started in 1995 by Ernie when he left his position as Managing Director of the WEFA Group in Canada (now IHS Global Insight) to start his own economic practice. Ernie has more than 30 years experience as an economic advisor in both the private and public sectors. He has worked both in North America and developing countries. Ernie received his training in economics from the University of Calgary and Queen's University. Prior to establishing Stokes Economic Consulting in 1995 he served as Managing Director of the WEFA Group, Canada (1989 to 1994), as senior economist with the Alberta Energy Company (1987 to 1989), as a senior official with the Canada Department of Finance (1985 to 1987) and as Director of the National Forecasting Group with the Conference Board (1978 to 1984). Ernie is currently a member of the Minister of Finance Forecast Councils in Ontario and British Columbia and a past president of the Canadian Association for Business Economics.

Robin Somerville - Partner at C4SE and President at QED INC

Robin has more than 15 years of experience in economic analyses, modeling and forecasting. Prior to joining the C4SE, Robin was a consultant with DRI-WEFA (1990 to 2002) and a research associate with the Bank of Canada (1986 to 1988). Robin has an MA degree in economics from the University of Western Ontario (1989). He has extensive experience managing and conducting work for public and private sector clients with assignments typically focusing on either policy analyses or forecasting. Robin's policy analyses work is in such areas as the costs of GHG mitigation, regional economic competitiveness strategies, and the economic impact of tax and regulatory changes or infrastructure projects. Robin has also built econometric models to forecast activity such as sales by type of restaurant, commercial floor space additions, tourist visits and spending, as well as national and regional macroeconomic models.

Robert Fairholm - Partner at C4SE and President at Robert Fairholm Economic Consulting INC

Robert produces custom research on a range of topics, including productivity, fiscal forecasting, labour supply, demand and occupational models and forecasts, and impact analyses. Robert has over 20 years of experience in economic analyses, modelling and forecasting. Prior to joining the C4SE Robert was the Managing Editor of the International Bank Credit Analyst from 2001 to 2003, and provided a monthly forecast of interest rates, equity markets, commodity prices, economic trends and currency movements in the world's principal economies. From 1993 to 2001, Robert directed the Canadian forecasting operations of Standard & Poor's DRI. He was responsible for all the Canadian macro, industrial and provincial forecasts and related services. Since Robert first became manager of DRI's Canadian forecasting group it won the KPMG, Watson Wyatt Worldwide and the Financial Times awards for forecast accuracy 5 times, including the Watson Wyatt Crystal Award presented in 2001 for the best predictor over the previous 5 years.

About Us

The Centre for Spatial Economics was formed in July of 2000. C4SE is a Partnership of economic consulting firms:

Stokes Economic Consulting Inc. (SECINC)

Strategic Projections Inc. (SPI)

Robert Fairholm Economic Consulting

These companies joined forces to improve the quality of regional and small area (spatial) information and research conducted in Canada.

Ernie Stokes, President of Stokes Economic Consulting Inc., manages the operations at the C4SE office in Milton.